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5 reasons why we love to be outdoors in November

November is the time where we retreat inside, pop the fire on and cosy up in front of the telly, isn’t it? With comforting soups and stews and wearing warm jumpers. And whilst hibernating like this is great, we still love to be outdoors in November because getting fresh air and vitamin D is still important in the cooler months.

Before you start saying it’s cold and you don’t like to be outside in the autumnal or even wintery weather, we say it’s time to grab our big coats, woolly hats and gloves, and our wide calf wellies, of course!

And here are just some of the reasons we love embrace the outdoors in November.

  • Bonfire night

For us there’s something nostalgic about Bonfire night. It brings back memories of heading out with our parents to see the local display. When we take our own kids now, we love to do the things we’ve considered as traditions since childhood. Like eating toffee apples and treacle toffee, standing round the bonfire and playing with sparklers, before watching the display of fireworks.

  • Remembrance Day parade

We probably wouldn’t wear our wellies for this, as marking Armistice Day is an important and smarter date to remember in the calendar. And although this is a sombre event, we love that there is a strong sense of community and togetherness on this day.

  • Campfires in the garden

With barbecues forgotten about, we still like to spend some time outdoors on a November evening. It’s the perfect opportunity to wrap up warm around a campfire or chimenea, toast some marshmallows and enjoy a hot chocolate or two. And if it’s a clear night we do some star gazing too.

  • Country Walks outdoors in November

Outdoors in November

We know these can be enjoyed at any time of the year, but picture this: heading out on a Sunday afternoon, everyone wearing comfortable and warm clothing, and finding a local spot or country park to explore. If you’re looking to entertain the kids, you could even make it into a wildlife treasure hunt. We love to watch them kicking and throwing the autumnal leaves around and collecting conkers. But the best bit is when you head home with rosy cheeks and enjoy a traditional Sunday roast before you all have a snooze!

  • Tidying the garden

Outdoors in November

Before the winter sets in, we like to give the garden a bit of a tidy up. It’s another great reason to be outdoors in November. So we pop our wide leg wellies on, grab the rake and other tools and head out.  We set to work cutting plants back and raking up the colourful leaves. And to reward our hard work, we make sure we have plenty of hot drinks and biscuits to hand!

So much to enjoy!

We hope this blog has given you a little insight into what we love about November. And if you’re like us and heading outside, then make sure you keep wrapped up warm and comfortable – take a look at our range of hats and socks and of course wide calf wellies too!



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