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Autumn season, time to prepare for hibernation

The nights are drawing in and it’s comforting to see autumn colours starting to appear on the trees. It’ll soon be time for the lighting of crackling fireplaces and soothing hot water bottles to make a reappearance. And before we know it, we’ll be singing festive tunes and enjoying the odd mince pie or two! But before then, we like to be like hibernation bears and get ready for the most comforting time of year, the autumn season.

Why the autumn season is so comforting

Let’s take a moment to talk about why this season is so popular.  We enjoy watching nature doing its bit; the weather starts to turn a little cooler and possibly more rainy (a great excuse for wearing those wide calf wellies!), and the autumn trees start to lose their leaves. There’s something very comforting about going for a breezy walk to blow the cobwebs away in the fresh autumnal air. And then retreating to the warmth of our cosy homes for a hearty bowl of soup or filling stew.


5 tips for prepare for autumn hibernation

So before the season really kicks in, we like to get ready so that we can embrace everything that is special about it. Here are just a few of the ways we get organised:


Make jams and chutneys with windfalls

If you’re lucky enough to have fruit trees in your garden and strong winds are forecast, then you’ll be picking apples and pears before they become windfalls. And if you don’t have them in your garden, visit your local green grocer – they’ll have the tastiest plums, peaches and figs at this time of year. Oh and don’t forget the tomatoes too! With these lovely fruits in your kitchen, you could make relishes and chutneys. There’s some great recipes on the BBC Good Food page – click here to have a read. Another dish to be enjoyed in the autumn season is the humble crumble. And it’s so easy when it’s made in the slow cooker – try this recipe from Tesco. With cinnamon and oranges included in the recipe, I’m imagining the wonderful aromas just writing this!


Please your nose

Talking of seasonal scents, a great way to give your home that autumnal feeling is to change the lighting. We don’t mean change lamps or redecorate! We mean by adding some scented candles…think pumpkin spice, amber or cinnamon.


Time to get the big knits out

As it turns a bit cooler, it’s a good time to have a wardrobe sort out, and put those big jumpers centre stage of your wardrobe! Finding your style for autumn, if you will. Find the fluffy full length socks that will keep you warm as you’re cosying up on the sofa in an evening. Change your coats over, grab the waterproofs and put your light Summer jackets away until Spring. And whilst you’re at it, dig your wide leg wellies out and give them a spruce up before you start jumping in those muddy puddles and use them to complete your autumn outfits.


Want to know how to care for your wellies? Check out our guide here.


Prepare for the warmth

Are you lucky enough to have a traditional fireplace? If you are, perhaps it’s time to get the Chimney Sweep to have a look and give it a clean for you.  Or if you’ve a log burner, give that the once over too. And for those with modern radiators, although we love the scent of dust as it rises from them with the first fire up of our heating, perhaps run a duster over them and behind them.


Don’t forget your outside space

Autumn season

The garden needs preparing for the autumn season too. So don those wide fit wellies, grab a rake and a garden fork and get the garden tidied up. We like to tidy up the borders and plant some spring bulbs. Give the lawn an end-of-summer season cut, and leave lots of seeds and nuts out for the birds. It’ll soon be time for you to be raking up those autumn leaves too!


Enjoy a cosy autumn

Whether you prefer being indoors or outside, we hope your season is full of comforting moments.


If you’re looking to add to your casual autumn style, take a look at our wellies with wide calf – they’re stylish, fun, practical and comfortable.

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