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Camping activities for family holidays

So you’re off for a well-deserved break away in the tent – camping is a relaxed way to spend a holiday. But when you’re thinking about what to pack for a camping holiday, things to entertain the kids may not be top of your priority list. After all there’s soooo much to fit in the car! But if you’re wanting the kids to be away from their gadgets, what are the best camping activities for family holidays?

You’ll probably have planned to visit some local towns and attractions on your camping holiday, but what about the days when you want to rest a little and stay close to your campsite? Here are some kid friendly camping activities:

Sun filled (or dry) days

When the sun is shining (or at least it’s not raining), then there are plenty of outdoor camping games for families.

Scavenger Hunt

Create a scavenger hunt to keep the kids entertained.

Create clues to get the kids guessing – they don’t need to be searching far from your tent either.

Water fight

Water balloons at the ready – on a scorching day, there’s no better sound than that of kids giggling and enjoying themselves. Particularly when their parents are the targets in a water fight! And don’t forget your wide calf wellies so that you don’t get too wet!


As the world’s largest treasure hunt, there are thousands of geocaching sites throughout the country. So there’s bound to be some near where you’re staying. You can find out more here.

Treasure trail

If you find yourself wanting to explore a local town or city, make it entertaining for the kids and do a Treasure Trail. They’re a brilliant way to explore places whilst keeping the kids entertained as they solve clues on their trails.

You can’t beat a traditional water fight!

Rainy days

Things to do on a rainy day when you’re camping.

We know, we know. The sun doesn’t always shine. Especially on UK camping holidays. So how can you keep the kids entertained when you’re keeping warm and dry inside your tent?

We may be traditional but here at Wide Welly HQ, we’re card and board games enthusiasts. Uno and Dobble are big favourites, as is Bingo. And you can’t beat a game of charades too!

Under starry skies

As day turns to night, and the kids just need to burn off that little bit more energy, here are some camping activities for family evenings under the stars:

You can’t beat gathering round the camp fire for some stories.

Campfire stories and skits

Light the campfire, toast marshmallows and sit quietly and tell each other fun stories. Or ask the kids to perform a skit or tell jokes.

Play tag – with a torch

As it goes dusk, grab torches and play tag. It’s a great one for waring the kids out and will keep them giggling!

Star spotting

On a clear night, pop a blanket down whilst you all lie back and look at the twinkling stars. If you’re camping where there isn’t much artificial light, the night sky is stunning.

Camping activities for family
Do some star gazing.

Fun camping activities for family to make memories

Writing this has made us reminisce of our own camping holidays. The fun we had and how much we relax when we get away from it all.

If you decide that you’ll do some of these camping activities on your family holiday, don’t forget to plan and pack what you’ll need for your fun and games.

We hope you have a truly splendid break away.

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