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Cottagecore style – combining your wellies with the rural-life look

There are some snow drops and crocuses popping their little heads out in the garden this week, and the shops are already selling daffodils. It feels good to know that spring is around the corner, and we’ll be able to look forward to longer daylight hours. And with that comes a change in wardrobe as we start to lose vests and chunky socks. Replacing with lighter clothing suitable for warmer (but not necessarily drier!) weather. We see this as an opportunity to embrace the cottagecore style.

What does cottagecore mean?

If you haven’t come across cottagecore until now, it celebrates simple living in the charming English countryside. It’s not just about the aesthetics of home décor and clothing. It also encourages traditional skills like foraging, baking, gardening, and sewing to name a few.

Work the fashion with your wide calf wellies

Incorporate wide calf wellies with cottagecore style

As we start to lighten up our wardrobe, we thought we’d take the opportunity to look at ways we can incorporate our wellies with the cottagecore style.

Oversized flowing coats

Combine a big flowing coat with patterned wellies

The weather for the next few months will still be changeable so coats are still required. Combining a long flowing coat with floral print, or a colourful raincoat, with your wellies will make for a comfortable yet stand out outfit.

Jumper love

Chunky knitted jumpers are a must

There’s plenty of room for a chunky jumper in a cottagecore outfit. Wear with skirt and tights, or a pair of comfortable slouchy jeans. And your chosen wellies of course! 

Floaty dresses

Floaty dresses are perfect cottagecore style

A statement or traditional piece of cottagecore fashion is a floaty dress or a nap dress. They’re a romantic garment that are loose-fitting, flowy and feminine. These dresses look great with wellies out in the countryside.

Floral tops and skirts

Cottagecore style
Mix and match patterns

Mix and match different prints to create the cottagecore aesthetic. With this style you can really play with floral patterns. You don’t have to have a plain top or skirt, both can be printed with different designs.

And as some of our wellies have some fun prints on them they can really enhance this look!


You can’t go wrong with a pair of dungarees

Very retro in their style, dungarees are ultra-comfy and they can be worn everyday too. Combine with one of the floral tops or a light jumper for a spring day.

Embracing cottagecore style and living

What do you think of these cottagecore outfits? We love them!

Cottagecore living is really about escaping our modern living and enjoying the little things in life.

So this spring, we’ll embrace it. We’ll pop on our wide fit wellies with a suitable cottagecore outfit whilst digging our veggie patch. We’ll also see if there are any activities we can do which embrace the simplicity of this trend.

If you’d like to know more about our vegetable patch journey, click here to have a read of the latest update.

And if you’d like to add a pair of our wellies to your outdoor outfits, then click here to take a look at our range.





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