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Create a boot room fit for your family (and your wellies!)

It’s raining, it’s pouring…and oh no, the porch is a mess with brollies, wellies and coats all over the place and where did those muddy footprints come from? Sound familiar? Time to get things ship shape and create a boot room that’s perfect for your family (and for looking after your wellies!)

As much as we love being outdoors having fun with the kids jumping in muddy puddles in our wide calf wellies, it’s no secret that the return home can be a little stressful, can’t it? Taking wet coats off, drying the dog and getting warm are a priority at these times, so often the mess that’s left in your wake isn’t important. And that’s where a designated space would come in very handy.

So, we’ve put together a few tips to help you create a boot room that fits your needs.

Short on space?

Create a boot room

Having space for a dream country style utility area and boot room would be nice, but we know that many of us are short of space. We’ve written this blog with this in mind and so we’re thinking about porch areas or possibly using some outdoor space (that could be covered).

Requirements to create a boot room

Before you start planning your space, have a think about how you’ll be using it:

  • Do you need designated storage areas for everyone?
  • What will you be storing there?
  • Is it important to have space for pets too?
  • Do you need space to sit to take muddy wellies off quickly?

This will help you make the right decisions when it comes to storage options and layout.

Everything in its place

That’s the dream, isn’t it? That you’ll have a beautiful area where things are put away in their rightful place. But we live in the real world, and we know that kids (and grown-ups) don’t always have the clean and tidy gene in them! But providing them with space to put things away is a start. Have a look at whether cupboards and cabinets would work or whether open shelving would be better for your family. Having hooks for coats and bags are also important. When our kids were younger, we placed some hooks lower down the wall so that they could hang their coats up.

A lick of paint

If your boot room area is looking a little bit drab, then grab the paint brushes and rollers and give it a little spruce up before you add in any storage. Choose a colour you love or find welcoming, such as sage greens which are warm. You could also paint cabinets in a key colour to add a splash of brightness. And don’t forget lighting if the area is a little on the dark side, can you add some spotlights or some under shelf lighting? Mirrors are also great to pop on the walls here to lighten the space and make it look a little bigger, plus you can check your outfit on the way out of the door, making sure you’re showing off your wide leg wellies to their best!

Finishing touches

If you have a window, can you add a blind which will bring your décor together, perhaps a well-placed matching cushion on a bench if you have space? And how about adding some greenery with some plants? Choose a suitable doormat for your needs too. And if you’ve gone for open shelving, don’t forget home fragrance in the form of a reed diffuser or plug in to freshen those musty smells.

Create a boot room that works for you

We hope this blog has given you some useful hints and tips to create a boot room that is perfect for your family life.

And if you’re creating a beautiful boot room space, wouldn’t it be lovely to treat yourself to a new pair of wide fit wellies? Click here to view our range.

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