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Festival essentials – 6 items to include in your pack list

As regular campers, we’re taking the plunge this year and heading to some festivals. As a family we’re excited to be out in the fresh air whilst enjoying some tunes! Now we know what we’d pack on a camping trip but have been researching what should be on a festival pack list. We need to pack a little lighter! If you’re off to a music festival or a family camping festival like us, make sure you pack these festival essentials.

If you’re thinking of going to a festival but haven’t yet booked, check out this list of music festivals.

Festival essentials – what we’ll be packing

At first, we thought that we’d take the same items as we do when we go camping, but the checklist of essentials for festivals is smaller than we imagined!

Here’s some of the items we’ll be packing.

  • Rucksack or backpack

For keeping our essentials with us during the days. Because we don’t want to lose phones or other valuables.

  • What to wear to a festival?

If the weather forecast is wall to wall sunshine, we’ll be packing light clothing and shoes. But if the British weather does its usual thing, then rain may be a feature of the weekend. If this is the case our festival kit list will include our wide calf wellies (of course!), and other waterproofs like ponchos.

Don’t forget your waterproofs, just in case it rains!

Take a look at our comfy wide legged wellies here – there are some super designs that make them the perfect pair of festival wellies!

  • Time to rest

Festival essentials
A place to rest your head when you need a little nap!

Of course, a pop-up tent, roll mat, sleeping bag and pillow will be on our camping festival essentials list. Not that we’re expecting to get loads of sleep, but we will need somewhere to rest!

  • Toiletries and first aid

Travel sized toiletries like deodorant and toothpaste are must have festival items. And first aid items like blister plasters (for when we’ve danced the night away) and paracetamol (just in case we have one too many and have a headache!).

  • Don’t go hungry!

Eat snacks on the go in between bands. We’re planning to take ready to eat foods like crisps and cereal bars to keep us going. There’ll be plenty of outlets for us to buy food whilst we’re there, so we won’t need our camping fridge, which would normally come with us!

  • Electricals

Don’t forget portable chargers for your electrical items.

Our phones will be coming with us – they’re not just useful for calls but can be torches in the dark and cameras to capture the event. And to make sure we don’t run out of battery; we’ll take some portable chargers with us.

Other summer festival essentials

Here are ten other items that you may be able to squeeze into your packing and add to your festival pack list:

  • Sunglasses
  • Sunhat
  • Water
  • Warm socks and hats (for if it’s chilly at night)
  • Jumper
  • Camping stove (in case you decide to cook)
  • Blankets
  • Sun cream
  • Pegs
  • Bin bags

Essentials for camping at a festival

If you’re heading to a summer festival, we hope the tips above will help you to condense your packing. We hope you have a truly splendid time!

PS – don’t forget you can upload your pics to our welly wearers page!

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