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Fun holiday activities to do on a budget

Keeping the kids entertained during the holidays is tough. And it’s even tougher now as our budgets are being stretched in all directions. With our purses being squeezed, taking the kids on grand days out may not be an option. But we can plan fun holiday activities that don’t break the bank.

And I don’t know about you, but I get this ‘mum-guilt’ about always entertaining the kids during the holidays. Do you feel it too? Perhaps it’s because we see what others are doing on social media and think that we should be doing fun holiday activities with the kids every day. But when I think back to our school holidays, we were out playing with friends most of the time. So maybe we shouldn’t feel pressured to be doing things with them all the time.

Thinking back to my childhood holidays has made me feel very nostalgic. So here are some throwback fun holiday activities to enjoy.

Free holiday activities away from home

If you’re feeling a little claustrophobic and need some time away from your home, here are some things you can do out and about.

Play I-Spy

I spy books
Ask the kids to spot different things whilst you’re on a walk.

I found these old I-spy books the other day. We used to go out walking at the weekend with these and see what we could spot. If books are beyond your budget, play I-Spy but use things that begin with a letter of the alphabet. Or things that are a certain colour.

Matchbox challenge

Out on a walk? Task the kids with finding 15 things that they can fit in a matchbox. Don’t have a matchbox? How about a Tupperware box instead?

Head to the library

Not only are the libraries great for finding books for you and the kids to read, but many of them also now have activities and clubs. For example, my local library has a Lego club in the afternoons. And there’s a reading challenge for the kids to take part in over the holidays.

Free holiday events near me

a child in a museum
Look at local museums to see if they offer free entry.

If you search the internet, there are usually some local events happening which will be family-friendly and free. Look at museums too as many of them have free entry.

Bike ride

A familybike ride
Enjoy some fresh air on a bike ride. Make a day of it and take a picnic with you too.

Get pedalling and head off on a bike ride. Great for fresh air and getting some exercise too!

Fun holiday activities at home

On the days when you don’t want to go out, here are some fun things to do in the holidays at home.

Garden camping

OK so you might not be going on an actual holiday away from home, but there’s nothing to stop you setting up camp in the garden and pretending you’re on holiday, is there?

Traditional crafts

rock painting
Do some pebble or rock painting and hide them for others in your area to find.

You could:

  • do some flower pressing and then use the flowers to make pictures for presents or cards.
  • decorate jam jars with glass paint to make lanterns with tea lights.
  • paint some rocks and hide them locally for others to find.
  • paint your pavement using a mix of cornflour, water and food colouring. Or use chalk and create hopscotch.
  • create a fairy garden using garden trays, soil and some flowers.
  • make your own perfume with water and petals.

Frog life cycle

Carefully and safely collect some frog spawn and let the kids see for themselves how the frog life cycle happens.

Have a water fight

water fight
Enjoy a water fight on a hot day…it’ll definitely cool you all down!

This is a must-do holiday activity when it’s hot, isn’t it? We have had many water fights which lead to endless giggling!

Movie Day

When the weather’s not being so kind, have a movie day. Pop a blanket down on the floor and have a carpet picnic too!

Lego wars

lego tower
Create a Lego challenge.

 If you have a box of Lego, create a challenge to build a house, a car, a spaceship…or just see who can build the tallest Lego tower.

Plenty to do in the holidays

I’ve taken a real trip down memory lane writing this and feel very nostalgic! I’m looking forward to entertaining the kids with some of these fun holiday activities.

I hope these tips have helped and will give you some ideas of things you could do during your holidays.

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