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Garden vegetable patch update

It’s been a few months since I started my veggie patch journey, so I thought it was high time for an update. In my last blog, I was about the embark on creating my vegetable garden at home. Having done lots of preparation and planning, I’m very pleased to say that my garden vegetable patch is coming along very well indeed.

Click here if you’d like to read my veggie patch story from the beginning.

Relocation, relocation, relocation

Because we had some lovely flowering plants in the area where we planned to create the vegetable patch, we had to do some relocating. This included primroses, cyclamen, bluebells, hyacinths, honesty and tulips, which were all carefully moved to other flower beds.

Changing plans

We’d planned where we wanted the different fruits and vegetables to be planted and had scraped off the top layer of soil to be reused. But then we had a change of plans.

Vegetable patch raised beds
We created raised beds for multi-generational vegetable patch gardening.

Because Grandma and Grandpa WWC have green fingers, we thought we’d make the garden vegetable patch to allow for multi-generational use, and so created vegetable garden raised beds. We then used the top layer of soil, mixed with compost and filled the raised beds.

Somewhere to clean up and storage

An outdoor garden sink
Our new outdoor sink.

Mr. WWC used bits we had lying around after recent renovations to create an outdoor sink. He’s also using leftover pallets to create a log store.

Making a log store
Our log store is coming along nicely too.

Growing the garden vegetable patch

With the prep all done, we set to and got planting. Grandma WWC brought us some beans, beetroot, sage, chillis, courgettes and tomatoes for us, which we set to and planted in the beds.

Here is an update on how things are growing:


Our rosemary has come on a treat and we’ve created some mini propagators to grow herbs from seeds. With a bit of luck, they’ll be ready to be planted in the raised beds soon.

Rosemary growing in a garden
The rosemary is growing well in the garden.
Herbs growing on the windowsill
Seeded herbs in our mini propagators.


Our pepper plant has started to sprout. I have high hopes that we’ll have some lovely fresh peppers on this in the near future.

Peppers in a vegetable patch
Peppers starting to grow nicely. 

And we have potted some Alpine Strawberries which I’m looking forward to trying.

Alpine strawberries
Alpine Strawberries in a pot.

Root vegetables

The beetroot that Grandma gave us have taken well. I love beetroot…might have to pickle it when the time is right!


Beetroot in a veggie patch
Beetroot plants.


We have a variety of different beans growing in the veggie patch. They’re coming along nicely, aren’t they?

Beans in a vegetable garden
Beans! Although I’m not sure which ones these are!


Growing onions
Onions sprouting up.

The onions are sprouting and the potatoes that we chitted are, well, blooming!

Potato leaves
Potatoes are blooming marvellous!

And a few floral touches

Wild flowers
No mow May helped the wild flowers to grow.

We’re delighted that we’ve managed to keep some of the flowering plants in our garden vegetable patch. No mow May saw to it that these poppies and other wild flowers have blossomed, along with some foxgloves.

The foxgloves are stunning.

Seeing how the garden grows

When I began thinking about having a vegetable garden at home, I never thought that it would become so successful, so quickly. My garden vegetable patch is really coming on and I’m looking forward to seeing what happens over the Summer months.

As always, I’ll keep you posted.


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