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How to fight winter blues – outdoor activities to improve your mood

Winter can seem soooo long can’t it? We get up in the dark, we come home and it’s dark. The weather is chilly and wet. And when Christmas and festivities are over and done with, it can be difficult to feel perky and difficult to know how to fight winter blues.

As the season is going to be with us for a little while longer yet, how can we embrace it? We’re no experts in wellbeing, but we’re told that being outdoors is good for us, aren’t we? So here are some of the things we’ll be doing outside in our wellies to combat those cruel winter blues and get some vitamin D.

A good old catch up

Have a catch up with friends

Whilst we’ve all been hibernating in our homes during January, you possibly haven’t seen your family or friends for a little while. So, organise to meet them outdoors, perhaps for a walk in a country park or along the beach. Great to fill our lungs with fresh air and catch up on all the news our loved ones have to share.

Make the most of the sunshine

Watch a sunrise or a sunset

It can be hard to spot in the winter, that ball of golden sunshine! But on clear days, how about an early rise to watch the sun come up? Or if you’re not a morning person, find a spot to watch the sun set early evening. You’d definitely be beating the winter blues with plenty of vitamin D then!

Get organised in the garden

Make sure the birds are looked after and the garden is in a tidy state

If there’s some tidying still to be done in the garden, pop those wellies on, grab the gardening gloves and get cracking. You can tidy up fallen leaves, cut back dwindling plants and even start to sow some seeds.  Don’t forget to pop some seeds out for our feathery friends too! You’ll be feeling productive whilst beating those winter blues.

Photograph winter scenes

How to fight winter blues
Take photographs of your favourite winter scenes

If you like to be a little bit creative, head out with your camera (or phone) and photograph all the wondrous things about the season. From robins bobbing around in hedges, to your kids sledging in the snow (if we get lucky and have snow, that is), bright blue skies, or the sparkles of frost in the morning, there is plenty to capture and enjoy about the winter season.

Don’t forget if you’re heading out in the cold, wrap up warm with hats and warm socks

Comforting foods under the stars

Make comfort food like soups and hot chocolates for cosy evenings

Who says we have to know how to fight winter blues during the day? It can be done in an evening too. Start a campfire or cosy round a chimenea and enjoy warming homemade soups in flasks or steaming hot chocolates. See if you can spot the stars, tell stories or jokes and snuggle up as a family.

Some ideas how to fight winter blues

I hope this blog has given you some outdoor ideas of activities for winter blues. Because, as you know, we’re outdoor people. And we like to see people having a splendid time whatever the weather!

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