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Ladies’ expandable wellies – why they’re the best accessory this winter

Do you find you have to choose between comfort and style during the winter months? Particularly when heading outdoors? It can be tricky, can’t it? Finding a coat that matches your boots. Or a scarf and hat that will keep you warm without making you look like you’ve mis-matched your outfit. Here, we’re looking at why ladies’ expandable wellies are great for those who have a flair for style but also want that all important comfort outdoors.

We’re not about to suggest that we’re fashion week fanatics (although we do like to keep an eye on the trends), but just a few reasons why you can consider our ladies wellies when you’re planning your seasonal outfits.

Expandable comfort

If you are blessed with wider calves expandable wellies can be adjusted to fit your legs.

You know how you feel when you’ve worn a pair of wellies that are a little tight around the calves. The rubbing can make your legs really sore. We know some ladies struggle with this. If you are blessed with wider calves and would like to be able to be comfy on a walk, wide calf wellies expand so that they can be adjusted to fit your legs.

Grand designs

Whether you prefer patterns or plain colours, wide wellies come in a range of designs

We’re a bit biased, but you can’t go wrong with a polka dot can you? Or even a daisy print. We’ve made our designs fun and stylish. Using colours that are on trend but also allowing a funky pattern or two to brighten those winter muddy walks. And if you’re not a fan of patterns, then we also have single colour styles. Whatever your preferred style, the designs are great for pairing with jeans or tights and skirts.

Tuck your jeans in

Ladies’ expandable wellies
Expandable wellies are perfect for accommodating you jeans

We know skinny jeans are not the ‘in’ style this year. They’ve been replaced with boyfriend or straight leg cuts. But what do you do with the excess material when you’re heading outdoors? Our ladies’ expandable wellies can accommodate them! Because they adjust you can make sure there is plenty of room for your calves and your stylish jeans. Making sure you can be on trend with your style!

Love socks

You can wear chunky knotted warm socks in expandable wellies

Frosty and chilly days require warm socks, don’t they? Well just like your jeans, wide calf wellies can accommodate those lovely warm chunky knitted socks too! So cosy!

Don’t forget your warm handknitted hat too!

They’re waterproof!

Perfect for jumping in muddy puddles!

Not only are you protected from the mud, wellies are made to be waterproof. So if you’re out in the snow, jumping in puddles, splashing in the sea or paddling in a river, your feet will be lovely and dry. Jumping in puddles is one of our favourite past times (we dare you to try it and not giggle!)

Ladies’ expandable wellies – perfect whatever your style

So there you have it, the reasons why we think our ladies wide calf wellies are the perfect accessory this winter.

If you’re looking for a new pair, you can see our range by clicking here. And if you’re not sure which size is best for you, take a look at our size guide.


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