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Music festival at home – create your own family weekend of fun

Did you miss out on tickets for one of the upcoming music festivals this year? Are you sad that you’ll miss out on your favourite bands at Glastonbury? Or perhaps there’s a family arts festival that you can’t get to. Fear not! Put a positive spin on things and create your very own music festival at home!

Sure, you won’t see those bands up close (how close can you get to them anyway?!), but you can still listen, have fun with family and friends, and create your own music festival in your back garden. And although you’ll be sure to set up camp, your mod-cons are not going to be far away, should you need them! What more could you want?

A music festival at home, you say?

Yes we do! And here are some of the ways you can get organised in the run up to your event.

It’s all in the planning

Decide when you’re going to hold your festival. Will it be one day or an entire weekend? Make sure you invite family and friends along – and don’t forget your neighbours (especially if you’re planning to play some music!) But don’t go crazy and create it as an open event Facebook, who knows how many people would turn up on your doorstep then!

Crafting and creating

Festival tickets
Ask the kids to help create tickets for your family-friendly festival.

Get the kids involved and ask them to create tickets – this could be a great school holiday activity that will keep them quiet for half an hour or so. You could also decorate using bunting.

All the gear

Camping in the garden
If you have space, pop the tent up in the garden for the camping festival feeling.

Camping is all part of the fun of festivals, isn’t it? If you have space in your garden, get the tent out of the shed or garage and check if there are any essentials you’ll need.

The tunes

Music festival
Make a playlist of music you’ll enjoy.

What are you going to listen to at your music festival? If you’re going to hold your festival on the weekend of Glastonbury, then you can listen live. Or create a playlist that suits the whole family.

Food (and drink)

People enjoying food and drink at a festival
Plan what foods you’ll be having at your festival.

We can’t forget this essential, can we? What foods are easy to cook (probably on the barbecue)? And what will you need to drink? For the authentic festival vibe, create a street food menu.

Setting the festival mood

Lights and bunting
Set the ambience with decorative fairy lights.

As it turns dusk, create a campfire, or use a chimenea to create the festival ambience. You could also use strings of solar lights. And of course, snuggle under blankets as it goes dark and a little chilly.

Festival outfits

Wide legged wellies
What will be in your festival wardrobe?

For a truly authentic festival feel, plan what you will wear to a festival. If it’s hot, then shorts and t-shirts will suffice. If it’s chilly and rainy then waterproofs and wide calf wellington boots will come in very handy!

A weekend of fun for the whole family

If you’re planning a music festival at home, we hope you have a truly splendid time.

Sometimes, it’s the simple things that make our summers more enjoyable. Who needs a big, fancy music festival anyway?!

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