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Wide wellies – why you need to keep them close to you in the summer

When it comes to the warmer months, some people put their wide wellies away. It’s like they go into hibernation…cleaned and packed away never to be seen again before the leaves start falling off the trees in autumn.

But we think you should keep them close to you in the summer. Because wide calf wellies are especially useful in the summertime – let’s face it, we don’t exactly live in a climate where there is wall to wall sunshine all summer long.

So here are some reasons to keep your wide wellies close at hand in the warm weather:

Camping trips

A packed car boot
Make sure you pack your wellies on your camping trips.

When you’re loading the car up with the tent and all your other camping paraphernalia, don’t forget to leave space in your boot for your wellies. Why would you need your wellies whilst camping? Well apart from if it rains and you’re camping in a muddy field, they’re perfect for late night trips to the loo. You see, the grass gets wet with dew overnight. So having your easy to slip on wellies means your feet and legs will stay dry as you make your way across a field.


Festival footwear comes in a range of styles – from flip flops, trainers through to festival wellies. We think wellies are the best festival shoes as if the weather isn’t that great, they will keep your feet dry. And when you get home, they’re easy to wipe down and clean the mud away.

In the garden

Wellies in the garden
Use your wellies in the garden all year round. 

Do you use your wellies for gardening? We do and there’s no reason why that should stop in the summer. Gardening wellies are great if you’re digging, mowing or planting – keeping your feet free of mud and dirt whilst making your garden bloom.

Woodland walks

Wellies in a woodland
Make a splash in the stream on woodland walks.

During the summer holidays, lots of us plan to take the kids to a local park or country park for a wander and a picnic…and possibly an ice cream! We’ve found that lots of our local walks have some areas of woodland, invariably with a stream or brook running through them. And if you want to take advantage and splish splash in the water, keep your feet dry in a pair of ladies wellies. The kids will love to splash around too!


Wellies at the beach
Help the kids find creatures in rockpools on the beach.

Visiting the beach is a favourite past time of ours, but often the kids want to go exploring rock pools to search for crabs and other wildlife. To save us from getting wet feet, we slip our wide calf wellies on. Not only are the comfortable, they’re also stylish too!

Getting the most out of your wide wellies

We know that investing in a pair of wide calf wellies is not a decision that you take lightly. So we hope that we have shown in this blog how to get the most out of them by using them throughout the seasons.

If you’d like to shop our range, click here. We have lots of utterly splendid styles to suit your tastes.

And if you’d like any help choosing a pair, please get in touch. We love to help our customers get the right fit for them.

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