Navy Blue Ladies Wellies


Navy Blue Ladies Wellies

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Just great sturdy wide calf wellies for any outdoor event! Made on aluminium lasts from natural rubber, our wellies are created to comfortably accommodate your trousers, thick socks, and calf up to a circumference of 50cm.  Just slip on and go!

  • Waterproof
  • E-fit foot​
  • adjustable calf ​
  • polyester lined​
  • full-width heel​
  • removable insole
  • natural rubber​
  • matte finished​
  • handcrafted

Boots should not be removed with a boot remover or the toe of one foot against the heel of the other.  This will apply unnecessary stress on the joint between the body and sole of the boot and causing them to detach from each other.  Instead, cup your hand around the heel of the boot and pull gently.

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Customer reviews

  1. Jennifer Windsor (verified owner)

    These wide wellies are a gloriously comfortable revelation! They arrived promptly, are a great fit and I love wearing them for long walks. They look so smart that I don’t want them to get muddy!

    • Verity which case you could buy another pair and get those muddy instead! Thank you for your kind words and for taking the time to post – we really do appreciate it! Verity

  2. Pauline (verified owner)

    Got my Wide Wellies today Could not be happier, to finally get a pair of wellies that didn’t feel like they wanted to cut off my circulation or all wrinkley around my ankle because they just wouldn’t come up my calf high enough. Loads of room and plenty of extra space for expansion. Would highly recommend!

    • Verity

      Hi Pauline, thank you! We’re all so very different in shape and size, so it’s great to hear that our wellies fit you well.Stay safe and keep puddle jumping!

  3. Heidi Nellis (verified owner)

    Lovely quality, very spacious for wide legs and extra socks . Had them a week and worn everyday for dog walks , in snow , ice , mud and deep puddles .

    • Verity

      Great to hear – thank you for taking time to post. Verity

  4. Emma Bower (verified owner)

    Absolutely over the moon with my wellies! The quality is fantastic and so comfortable to wear. Highly recommend.

    • Verity

      Hi Emma…that’s just lovely to hear – thank you for finding and trying us. Our journey until now has been fuelled by customer feedback and engagement…and we hope that will continue! Thank you for taking the time to post! Verity

  5. Jean Carter (verified owner)

    I am delighted with my new wellies. It is such a change to be able to just pull on a pair of wellies without having to struggle. They fit well, even over jeans and thick socks and are very comfortable. Your size guide is a great help too. Definitely recommend. Thank you!

    • Verity

      Hey Jean! Boots and socks – thank you! Lovely to hear that you are so pleased and even more lovely to hear that the size guide was useful. We can always improve things, so please stay in touch! But enjoy not struggling and stay safe! Verity

  6. Eileen Bioletti (verified owner)

    I bought my daughter a pair of blue wellies for he 30th birthday , she was so happy to finally get a pair of wellies that fit , are a lovely colour , very comfortable and very well made, she even tried a “puddle jump” to make sure they work . This is a great company with an excellent product and brilliant customer service. Thank you Verity and The Wide Welly Company

    • Verity

      Thank you Eileen! It was lovely to meet your daughters and great to hear that The Birthday Girl is happy!

  7. Hannah Hill

    I’ve had my Wide Wellies for a little while now. I live in rural Wales in the Brecon Beacons so my wellies get a bit of a hammering: through mud in the winter and paddling in rivers and streams with my daughter during the summer months. Every single pair of wellies I’ve had over the years have split and fallen apart because, frankly, I’m a bit pants at maintenance and because they just didn’t fit properly.
    Happily my wide wellies have performed brilliantly. Not only are they comfortable (I don’t get painful marks on my calves), they haven’t split at all. They look as good as the day they arrived, barring the caked-on mud! They are a joy to be able to ‘slip on’ without all the wrestling I used to do when trying to get my old wellies on. Like trying to push sausages into their casings
    I’m delighted with these. Don’t hesitate to buy! £60 is an investment you won’t regret.
    I’d just love to see lots more colours available!

    • Verity (verified owner)

      Hi Hannah,
      How lovely to read your review – thank you! It sounds as though you’re really putting them to the test. Using feedback from customers like you, we have been able to learn so much about welly production and product development – we had no idea that there was so much that we could do! And can still do!
      We’re planning on expanding the range…it just takes time to build up and supply chains are somewhat challenge now. But plans are in process!
      Best wishes, Verity

  8. Danielle Boehm (verified owner)

    I love these wellies! They are very comfortable and a great size for my calf. I’d never really managed to find great wellies but now I have!

    • Verity (verified owner)

      Well hello! Lovely to hear from you and thank you for sharing your experience! Enjoy your wellies and please stay in touch! Verity

  9. Caroline O’Mahony (verified owner)

    Love, love my wellies. Thanks to the Wide Welly company I have a pair that fits me! I do a lot of outdoor activities and these now give me the confidence to feel comfortable and look the part. Thank you Verity xx

    • Verity (verified owner)

      How lovely to read that feedback – thank you. There is so much welly choice out there so we’re chuffed that you found us and even more chuffed that our wellies fitted you! Please post us a picture! Verity

  10. Patricia (verified owner)

    These wide wellies are so comfortable and especially easy to get on and off. Even with jeans tucked in there is still plenty of room. They grip around the ankle so socks don’t work their way down. Definitely waterproof!

    • Verity (verified owner)

      Hi Patricia! Great to read your review – thank you! Customer experience and feedback helps drive our development programmes, so please stay in touch! There’s so much choice in the market now, so it’s great to hear that what we have is suitable for you.

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