Inky Octopus Ladies Wellies

Inky Octopus Ladies Wellies

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Dare to be different with the inky octopus, inspired by our local coastline. Made to our unique specification, our wellies are not only stylish, but they are fabulously comfortable; so much so, you’ll forget you’re wearing them!

Welly features:

  • Single gusset allows expansion up to a 50cm calf
  • Rivet-fixed, adjustable fabric strap
  • Metal cam buckle for a secure strap grip
  • Thick, sturdy sole for comfort, support and durability
  • High rubber content offering a more flexible boot
  • E-fit foot
  • Removable insole for you to use your own orthotics

Boots should not be removed with a boot remover or the toe of one foot against the heel of the other.  This will apply unnecessary stress on the joint between the body and sole of the boot and causing them to detach from each other.  Instead, cup your hand around the heel of the boot and pull gently.

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Customer reviews

  1. beckscott

    Fabulous wellies! I now have the inky octopus and Scandi leaf as I couldn’t decide which I liked best. Super quick delivery, excellent service.

  2. Michelle Christopher

    I’ve struggled to find wellies that fit nicely, these are excellent they fit perfectly and look amazing. They arrived quickly with a hand written thank you note. Lovely touch.

    • Verity Smith

      Thank you for taking the time to comment. Enjoy those muddy puddles!

    • Verity Smith

      Thank you for taking the time to respond! Stay safe!

  3. Laura Dewsnap

    Absolutely love these wellies and got lots of compliments about them. The customer service was amazing when they got a split. I think this was a one off, unlucky episode and not a normal fault of these boots. I will certainly buy from this company again.

    • Verity

      Hi Laura, unfortunately issues occur from time to time – wellies are made by hand so there is variation from boot to boot. And of course we all fit and ‘wear’ our boots differently, which all affects longevity. We do have an on-going review of our specification and make adjustments where necessary. But to us, customer experience is invaluable and if we don’t know about issues, we are unable to do anything about them. So thank you for your patience. It’s customer feedback and experience that helps drive our review process and development programme.

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