Hot Orange Ladies Wellies

Hot Orange Ladies Wellies

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Just great sturdy wide calf wellies for any outdoor event! Made on aluminium lasts from natural rubber, our wellies are created to comfortably accommodate your trousers, thick socks, and calf up to a circumference of 50cm.  Just slip on and go!

  • Waterproof
  • E-fit foot​
  • adjustable calf ​
  • polyester lined​
  • full-width heel​
  • removable insole
  • natural rubber​
  • matte finished​
  • handcrafted

Boots should not be removed with a boot remover or the toe of one foot against the heel of the other.  This will apply unnecessary stress on the joint between the body and sole of the boot and causing them to detach from each other.  Instead, cup your hand around the heel of the boot and pull gently.

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Customer reviews

  1. OxfordBlues (verified owner)

    Fantastic colour, great fit and overall amazing wellies! The finishing is exceptional. The whole boot feels very well made and all the materials have a feel of good quality to them. I took them out for a test in calf high standing water and my feet remained dry and comfortably warm throughout. They are probably a touch loose for me around the ankle but nothing that thick socks can’t fix. Fabulously stylish, ultra functional and very sensibly priced. Now to see if they stand the test of time but I have no reason to think they won’t. Brilliant boots overall!

    • Verity

      That’s a splendid review – thank you! Our aim is absolutely to develop our boots to the best that we possibly can…and with customers testing as you have described, it’s absolutely possible to achieve more! Please stay in touch – great to hear what you’re doing in your wellies! Verity

  2. Sarah Harper (verified owner)

    Fantastic wellies that just fit! No rubbing, and very comfortable to wear. Love them!

    • Verity

      Thank you Sarah! We hope you get as much enjoyment from wearing them as we do from developing them. Stay safe! Verity

  3. Michaela Lancaster (verified owner)

    Best wellies I have ever had , great colour , very comfortable for long walks , lots of adjustability regarding the fabric straps. good welly at a good price.

    • Verity

      Hi Michaela…thank you! We’re loving developing our wellies – so much can be achieved! So we appreciate you taking the time to post – it keeps us focused and means a lot! Verity

  4. Nichola Blackmore (verified owner)

    Love my wellies, the colour, the fit and they are so comfortable and warm! Very well made and definitely one of the best wellies I have purchased, had some lovely comments on the beach this morning about them. My daughter has her eye on a pair for herself now , to be fair so many lovely designs to choose from it was hard for me to choose. Quick delivery, well packaged, value for money and a lovely note attached to my wellies when I opened the box

    • Verity

      Hello Nichola, that’s lovely to hear thank you! Isn’t it funny that when you’re on a beach you’d want comments about your bikini, not your wellies?!!! Lots more designs old and new in the pipeline so keep your eyes peeled…and of course stay safe! Verity

  5. Chris (verified owner)

    Haven’t had the chance to fully test them yet but after YEARS of trying to find wellies that fit my chunky calves I just had to comment! First impressions are they are fabulous! Easy to get on and off, feel really comfortable. Great quality and they FIT!
    Also impressed by the service, hand delivered as I’m local and waited whilst I tried them on. Thank you!

    • Verity

      Hi Chris, everyone should have a Man Friday to do deliveries! Lovely to hear you sound so happy…please send us a picture when you’ve been out and about! Stay safe. Verity

  6. Laura (verified owner)

    Awesome wellies…I never imagined wellies could be so comfortable!
    They arrived this morning (beautifully packaged) and by this afternoon I was happily sploshing around in muddy fields and wading through the brook with my youngest daughter. My feet remained warm and dry. It was such a pleasant surprise being able to slip the wellies on and not feel that horrible pinch around my…shapely….calves! There is even room to spare. I couldn’t be more pleased and I will never waste my time on cheaper wellies again, these are absolutely worth every penny.
    The quality feels amazing, the colour is a really lovely shade of orange and 10/10 for comfort. We walked for about two hours today, no rubbing, felt like i could have worn them all day.
    So pleased!

    • Verity

      Hello Laura! What a great review – thank you! There is a huge choice of wellies out there just now, so it’s great to hear that you’re happy with ours. We’re all so different; not every boot will suit every customer. But we’re glad you found us!

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