Red Stripe Ladies Wellies

Red Stripe Ladies Wellies

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Just great sturdy wide calf wellies for any outdoor event! Made on aluminium lasts from natural rubber, our wellies are created to comfortably accommodate your trousers, thick socks, and calf up to a circumference of 50cm.  Just slip on and go!

  • Waterproof
  • E-fit foot​
  • adjustable calf ​
  • polyester lined​
  • full-width heel​
  • removable insole
  • natural rubber​
  • matte finished​
  • handcrafted

Boots should not be removed with a boot remover or the toe of one foot against the heel of the other.  This will apply unnecessary stress on the joint between the body and sole of the boot and causing them to detach from each other.  Instead, cup your hand around the heel of the boot and pull gently.

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Customer reviews

  1. Helen Dowman (verified owner)

    These are honestly the best wellies I have ever had, and I absolutely love wearing them. They fit beautifully and feel so good on. They are an orange-red colour with a pale pink stripe, and have been perfect for adventures in the snow and walking the dog. Having wellies that fit around my calf has been a real pleasure, and I happily throw my wellies on for a variety of activities now whereas my previous pair were so uncomfortable I only wore them if I absolutely had too. These are like an additional pair of shoes, they are so comfy. And best of all they seem really quality made with some lovely little finishing touches. I totally recommend them

    • Verity

      Hi Helen,
      Thank you for taking the time to comment – it means a great deal to us! We are on a massive journey finding that we are able to develop so much about the humble welly! Your comments have been well received by the WWC team…and it’s lovely to think of you donning your wellies perhaps like you would trainers! Thank you!

  2. C Lovelock (verified owner)

    I’m SO pleased with these absolutely gorgeous wellies. They’re very good quality and a true to size fit. I’m a size 7 and I ordered a 7 and they fit perfectly. My legs are a little on the chunky side and it’s so nice to be able to just slide into these. I used to have to wrangle my old ordinary wellies on and they didn’t fit my calves properly so bunched a little at the ankle and weren’t comfortable. Not these! I could wear them all day! The customer service was also excellent – I got a prompt & friendly response to my query about when the stripey ones would be back in stock and my boots arrived quickly (once they were in stock) & beautifully packaged. Superb company & product, I highly recommend them.

    • Verity

      Thank you for taking the time out to write such a lovely review. We know that there’s a wide choice of wellies out there so it makes us smile when you’ve chosen to try us out. We hope you’ll continue to enjoy your wellies, but remember to stay safe! Verity

  3. Louise Woodward (verified owner)

    Love these! They fit so well and the design is amazing!

    • Verity

      Thank you Louise. We love you too! Stay safe and twe appreciate you taking the time to comment! Verity

  4. Lisa Harper

    Love these wellies. These are the first wellies I have ever found that fit me perfectly with no bunching and the first tall wellies I have owned in years. They are comfortable and I love the bright design. I can’t wait to wear them out. Quick delivery and great customer care. Quick response to customer queries and emails. Cannot fault the service that has been provided.

    • Verity

      Hi Lisa, lovely to read your review – thank you. We hope that you enjoy muddy puddle jumping with your wee ones! Stay safe and stay in touch!

  5. Andrea Rogers (verified owner)

    Absolutely love these boots! Perfect fit with room to spare for my wide calves, great quality and comfortable too – can’t wait to wear them! Thanks so much Verity for your guidance, help and speedy delivery. Will definitely recommend.

    • Verity

      Lovely to hear you’re pleased Andrea and pleasure to be able to help! We know it’s not the easiest buying footwear on line so thank you for your patience. Verity

  6. Lisa (verified owner)

    OMG!!! I love these wellies. I had given up hope of ever finding a pair that were comfortable, stylish and durable until these arrived on my door step.
    Finding a pair of wellies that fit around my ample calves has been a revelation and I now happily trudge through fields and puddles for miles knowing that my legs and feet are comfortable. Thank you

    • Verity

      That’s super to hear – thank you Lisa!

  7. Jane W (verified owner)

    Great wellies and great service. I contacted Verity to double check the width prior to ordering as I have chunky calfs. The response was very prompt and helpful so I made my order.
    They are true to size, but as I have to wear orthotics to support my arches, I ordered a size up (8 instead of 7). With my thick welly socks, they are perfect and the most comfortable welly as they don’t crumple by the ankle because they fit around the calf. I was most smug on a wet day whilst walking the dog because I had dry feet! Love the colours, designs and the care tag too 🙂

    • Verity

      Hi Jane, it’s lovely to read your comments – thank you for taking the time to share them. It’s particularly pleasing to hear that you can use your won orthotics comfortably. Please keep in touch – customer experience is real and it feeds our development programme! Stay safe! Verity

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