Storm Grey Ladies Wellies

Storm Grey Ladies Wellies

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Just great sturdy wide calf wellies for any outdoor event! Made on aluminium lasts from natural rubber, our wellies are created to comfortably accommodate your trousers, thick socks, and calf up to a circumference of 50cm.  Just slip on and go!

  • Waterproof
  • E-fit foot​
  • adjustable calf ​
  • polyester lined​
  • full-width heel​
  • removable insole
  • natural rubber​
  • matte finished​
  • handcrafted

Boots should not be removed with a boot remover or the toe of one foot against the heel of the other.  This will apply unnecessary stress on the joint between the body and sole of the boot and causing them to detach from each other.  Instead, cup your hand around the heel of the boot and pull gently.

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Customer reviews

  1. Lucy (verified owner)

    Yippee I’m so happy to have found this lovely company. Fab fit and so comfortable, thank you wide welly company!

    • Verity

      Great to hear from you Lucy and great to hear that our wellies are suitable for you!

  2. Margy (verified owner)

    So happy with my new wellies fits perfect very comfortable thank you

    • Verity

      Hi Margy,
      Lovely to hear from you and we’re pleased that you’re happy! So much choice out there so thank you for finding and choosing us! Verity

  3. Stace (verified owner)

    Finally wellies that fit! I’m so happy with them. Iv big calf’s and one is bigger than the other so to pull these wellies on with no problems made me feel like I’v normal sized legs. Great fit, good quality and a good price. Thanks WWC …

    • Verity

      Hello! Lovely to hear from you and thank you – it’s great to read that our wellies are suitable for you! Happy puddle jumping, and please stay in touch!

  4. Nettie (verified owner)

    Amazing wellies,so comfortable I wear them everywhere now! With cheaper wellies,I could feel every stone or bit of gravel but the thick soles cushion my feet and they are just bliss to wear.I went up a size as I wear two pairs of socks in wellies and thick jeans in winter and they are just perfect.Thank you so much!

    • Verity

      Hello Nettie,
      Great to receive your feedback – thank you for posting! It’s always great to get detailed feedback like this. We have been doing some work in the inside of our wellies, so watch out for our new insoles which make our wellies even more comfortable!

  5. Valerie (verified owner)

    I love them!!! They are the first wellies I have bought that actually fit nicely. Also they look good too. Will definitely be buyer more.

    • Verity

      That’s lovely to hear – thank you Valerie! Customer experience is really important to us, so please stay in touch. We’re in the process of developing new ranges, so please keep an eye on us and stay in touch!

  6. Janice (verified owner)

    I would just like to say that this is my second purchase from your company, the first pair I had for nearly 3 years and I love them. Well made, good quality and perfect for ladies with a larger calf. Thank you.

    • Verity (verified owner)

      Hi Janice, Great to hear from you and to hear that you are happy! It’s us thanking you for finding us and giving us a whirl! We’re currently developing our next range, so please keep an eye on us! And of course, stay safe!

  7. Mary Graham (verified owner)

    Wore my wellies today for the first time on an hours dog walk through muddy horse field over wooden stiles and squelchy bridle paths…. boots were fantastic ! My feet were warm and dry and boots didn’t rub anywhere. I followed your sizing guide which was bang on for my wide size UK 7 feet. I have big calves and need a rounded roomy toe area so my toes can spread (Have a morton’s neuroma). The icing on the cake was arriving home to find my normal cotton socks still in tact ! Thank you for accommodating my wide feet x

    • Verity (verified owner)

      Hello Mary! Thank you for taking the time to drop us a line. It’s great to hear that you are happy – long may it continue! We are all such different shapes and sizes that it’s very difficult to give absolute size guidance, so it’s lovely that the size guide worked for you. Best wishes for 2022!

  8. Eva Heaney (verified owner)

    Finally, wellies that fit perfectly and are comfortable. Great product. Used every day since I bought them for walking the dog – thank you.

    • Verity (verified owner)

      Happy New Year, Eva!
      Lovely to hear from you and thank you for the feedback.
      Stay safe!

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