5 Reasons Why You Need Wide Calf Wellies

5 Reasons Why You Need Wide Calf Wellies

Wide calf wellies – 5 reasons why our boots may not be for you

We think our wide calf wellies are utterly fabulous. Why wouldn’t we?! But we understand that some people may be thinking that they’re not suitable for them. So, we thought we should take some time out to explore the reasons why.

We know our wellies are good for wide calves, but in this blog we’ve found some explanations why they aren’t for everybody.

You don’t like to jump in puddles


If you avoid going out in the rain or when it’s been wet and the ground is muddy, then what need do you have for a pair of wide calf wellies? Perhaps you will only ever be seen in your favourite pair of heels. Or trainers are your footwear of choice. But surely you can’t avoid walking in mud and puddles all the time? I mean, splashing around in muddy puddles with the kids is a good opportunity for a giggle if nothing else! And what about pottering in the garden or going on a country walk – we think wide wellies are essential for this, but we would, wouldn’t we?

Tucking in isn’t your thing


If you just pop wellies on with thin socks and head out into the cold and wet, then there’s no need for wide legged wellies. But if you’re trying to find out how to make your wellies fit better around your calves and you’re a lover of knitted chunky socks, then you don’t need to look very far to find a comfortable pair. We even have warm socks too!

Patterns and print aren’t your style


We get that our fun colours and patterns aren’t for everyone. Some people just aren’t fans of polka dots! We like their style all the same. But now we’ve introduced some plain colours, perhaps those who avoid prints can be tempted.

You buy wellies in a larger size to accommodate your calves

This has become the norm for some. It’s something they’ve got into the habit of doing. But you could make this a thing of the past. You can have wellies in your normal size that fit your calves. Take a look at our range by clicking here.

You stretch boot calves


Whether you’ve been told to use boot stretchers or the hair dryer method, did you know that stretching boots this way is likely to damage the integrity of them? You’ll probably find that they crack or have issues with waterproofing afterwards. There’s a simple answer. You can buy wide calf wellies that are expandable and the buckle won’t flip open as you walk. You can read more about our wellies here.

Are our wide calf wellies are for you?

Have we convinced you in this blog that our wellies are just fabulous? I do hope so.

If they’re still not your thing, that’s OK, we understand.

But if you’re not sure and have questions, please get in touch. We also have a handy size guide to help you decide whether they will fit.

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