Wide-calf wellies that are as comfortable as they are stylish

Adjustable and expandable up to a 52cm calf. So fabulous you won’t want to take them off!

Adjustable, wide-calf wellies - Scandi leaf design in grey and pink - The Wide Welly Company

Snug in the foot,
flexible in the calf

Very simply, The Wide Welly Company design and retail ridiculously comfortable and stylish wide-calf, adjustable wellies.

Our wellies are perfect for those who prefer extra width around the calf region whilst still requiring support around the ankle and a standard foot fitting.

If you like to tuck your trousers in, wear thick socks, or just like a bit more calf room, our wellies could be just what you are looking for!

Available in seven styles and manufactured to our unique specification, our wellies not only look great but feel great on. So much so, you’ll be creating excuses to wear them!

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New Design

Inky Octopus

Adjustable, wide-calf wellies: Octopus print, The Wide Welly Company

New Designs

Stunning Stripes & Scandi Leaf

New Styles

Polka Bees & Ditsy Daisy

New Season Design

Posh Paws & Brilliant Butterfly

Happy wide calf welly wearers