6 Ways To Style Your Wide Calves

6 Ways To Style Your Wide Calves

Do you struggle to embrace your curvaceous calves? I’m guessing that as you’re here, you already know that our eye-catching wide calf wellies will make you feel utterly fabulous and comfortable. But aside from wellies, what are the best ways to style your wide calves?

We hear the struggles every day from customers. Whether it’s socks that dig in, or trousers that you must squeeze your calves into, it can be difficult to embrace your voluptuous shape you can feel self-conscious.

Ways to style your wide calves – our top tips

So here are a few tips we’ve learnt along the way so that you can draw attention to the best parts of your body.

Trousers, leggings and jeans


Choosing the right-shape of trouser can disguise your calves. A straight leg or wide leg will be more flattering than skinny or slim fit. Cropped trousers or capris are best avoided as they will draw attention to your lower legs and ankles.

If you do decide to go with a skinny jean, pair them with some tall boots (or wellies!) to distract from your calves.

Soft and suitable socks

We often hear that long-legged socks dig in to your calves and are very uncomfortable. We’re working on a solution to this (watch this space), but until then choose socks that are made of fabrics that stretch, such as spandex, cotton and nylon.

What about shoes?


Well obviously, wellies are one of the ways to style your wide calves. But, much as we’d like you to, you can’t wear them all the time! When it comes to other shoes, the experts say that you should avoid flat shoes and go for a medium-height heel.

Wear above the knee skirts and dresses


Skirts and dresses that are around knee length (or at the narrowest part of your leg) are most flattering as they create a lengthening effect to your legs. Choose skirts that have a bit of volume about them too, as your calves will appear to be smaller. And avoid embroidered or embellished hems.

Think about tights


And whilst we’re talking about skirts and dresses, wearing them with dark coloured tights is one of the ways to style your wide calves. Keep them classic and avoid patterns on your tights too.

Draw attention away from your legs


Draw attention away from your legs using accessories. This can be loads of fun as you can play around with necklaces, scarves, statement earrings, and even belts. You could also choose necklines that have some beautiful eye-catching embellishments.

Embrace your wide calves

This blog includes just a few tips we’ve learnt along the way to help style your curvy calves, and make you feel absolutely gorgeous at the same time.

If you have any ideas of your own, we’d love to hear them. Just pop a comment in the box below.

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