Street Party In The Rain

Street Party In The Rain

Street party in the rain – there’s no reason to cancel the celebrations

The Queen’s Jubilee is giving us an extra-long weekend break. Whoop! And some of us have even organised street parties or street meets (if you don’t want to close the road!) When I think of street parties, I think of long, warm summer days, sunshine, ice creams and games for the family. But what do you do if the weather isn’t kind? How do you plan for a street party in the rain?

Don’t cancel your street party in the rain

Let’s face it, we live in a variable climate and wall to wall sunshine isn’t always guaranteed. But that’s no reason not to party! Being specialists in wet weather apparel, it will come as no surprise to you that we have some tips to help you to keep your street party going, even when it’s chucking it down.

Take cover

Gazebos can be a source of shelter in both rainy and warm weather. Ask around your neighbours and see if there are any hiding in garden sheds and garages. You can put the food, tables etc. underneath them and keep dry. It’ll feel cosier too!

Avoid soggy sandwiches


No one likes limp sandwiches and soggy cakes, do they? So, if your food is going to be outside for a while before you eat, store it in plastic containers and Tupperware boxes. It’ll keep fresher for longer and mean you can avoid paper plates that absorb the rain.

If you’re looking for some street party food recipes, you can find some here at BBC Good Food.

Take a pew

Cover tables in wipe clean cloths and use camping chairs. We have a set of ‘emergency chairs’ (as Peter Kay calls them!) in the garage so these will come in handy too.

Bunting and decorations


If you’re hanging bunting across the street, make them (or purchase them) in fabric. They’ll certainly last longer than paper in the wet weather.



Have a waterproofs area filled with raincoats, umbrellas, ponchos, and of course wide calf wellies. If there’s a shower, these can be grabbed at speed and the street party in the rain can carry on.

Fun and games

If you were planning to play musical chairs or statues, the wet weather may put a dampner on the music unless you have waterproof speakers. So, for a street party in the rain, you could have a water fight (you’re wet already, so why not fully embrace it?), or play who can make the biggest puddle splash (in your wellies obviously).

Fun ideas for your rainy-day summer celebrations

See outdoor parties don’t have to be rained off just because there’s a shower or two. You can enjoy the day just as much, possibly even more than you would do if it was a baking hot day.

Enjoy your parties, and don’t forget to send us pictures of you splashing in the rain in your wide legged wellies.

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