When To Wear Wellies

When To Wear Wellies

When to wear wellies – the best uses for your comfy footwear

Humble wellington boots. I’m sure you’ve had a pair since you were young, and you have fond memories of splashing around in them! And as you’ve grown up, wellies have remained a staple in your shoe cupboard. But do you know when to wear wellies so that you get the most out of them and make them last longer?

Because they’re waterproof and mainly used in inclement weather, welly wearers tend to abuse wellies. Shocking, I know! Wide calf wellies get the rough end of footwear treatment. From being used for long walks, as working boots, left out in cold garages, to not being cleaned properly. They shouldn’t be treated like this as they wear out far faster than they should.

When to wear wellies

So here are some examples of times when you should pop on your comfy ladies’ wellies and enjoy being outdoors.

Strolls in the countryside


Are wellies good for walking?

Well, yes and no.

Yes, they’re great for occasional strolls in the park, on the beach, or along the local canal. However, they aren’t designed to be a walking or hiking boot to cover miles and miles of walks. They’re simply there to keep you comfortable and dry whilst you go for a wander.

Pottering in the garden


If you’re a keen gardener, wellies are a must. From digging over soil to weeding, they can protect your legs and feet from getting muddy. If you’re a regular gardener, remember that the more you wear your wellies, the quicker they will wear out – just like any other shoes.

If you’d like help to pick the right pair of wide calf wellies for you, then click here to read more.

Fun in the snow


We’re lucky here in the UK that we get a sprinkling of snow most winters. So, take advantage and get out there. Whether it’s sledging with the kids, helping them to build a snowman, or having a snowball fight, keep your feet dry in a pair of wide legged wellies (and enjoy the giggles!) But don’t forget to dry your wellies off afterwards!

Standing on the touchline


Parents who take their kids to Saturday football games or Sunday morning rugby training are grateful for a pair of women’s wide calf wellies. There’s no need to worry if they’re going to walk over muddy fields!

Tip: To make your wellies last longer, make sure you rinse off any mud after use.

Happy campers!


Having a pair of wellies with you on a camping trip is essential in our eyes. If it rains, then you’ll be grateful for them. But another time when to wear wellies is to keep your feet dry on those night-time trips across damp fields.

At a festival


If you enjoy a music festival, how many times has the Great British weather made it a bit of a damp squib? Plan ahead – take a pair of comfy wide calf wellies and a poncho with you so that if it rains, you can continue to be outside listening to your favourite bands.

Wear your wellies all year round

Wellies aren’t just for winter; they can be used throughout the year. As you have read, there are plenty of opportunities when to wear wellies.


One thing we didn’t say is that you can still use them to jump in muddy puddles. Splashing around is just as fun for big kids as well as little ones!

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