Why Choose Wide Calf Wellies?

Why Choose Wide Calf Wellies?

If you look around homes, garages, and sheds in the UK, you’re bound to find a pair of wellies. After all, they’ve become a staple footwear for us in our changeable weather. Aside from their obvious benefits of being able to be outside when it’s wet, wellies come in a range of styles and designs. But would you choose wide calf wellies?

Whether you’re blessed with curvaceous calves or not, ladies’ wide wellies are popular because of their tenacity, comfort, and style. Here are some of the reasons ladies choose our wide calf wellies over normal wellington boots.

Slip on and off easily


As our wellies have an expandable gusset, the calf can accommodate up to 50cm. So if you’re heading out of the door, juggling keys, coats, the kids and the dog, you don’t need to worry about pulling tight wellies on.

Comfortable as standard

Because of the expandable gusset, our wide legged wellies can be adjusted to fit your calf and clothing, providing comfort as you walk. Imagine you’re wearing a pair of bootcut jeans – in standard wellies they wouldn’t fit inside the boot, but with wide calf wellies, you can comfortably and confidently put your jeans inside them.

No flippin’ heck!


Isn’t it annoying when laces come undone, or Velcro stops sticking? Well, once you’ve adjusted these wellies to your calf size, they are securely held in place by the strap and cam buckle. They don’t flip open as you walk!

Choose your shoe size

We’ve heard customers in the past say that they chose a larger welly size than their usual shoe size, just so that they can get wellies over their calves. The Wide Welly Company’s wellies are different. They’re generous in the calf, and measure up to a standard shoe size.

Running in (welly) heels

The heels on our wellies are an important feature. We’ve created them to be a full block heel, which means it’s made as one piece, giving less opportunity for water to creep in.


And because we love to put our own stamp on things, our wellies have their very own tread pattern.

Designed and made with you in mind

We design our own wellies here in the UK. They are constructed to meet our customer’s needs as we continually make improvements in line with the feedback we get from our welly wearers.

Made by hand

Every pair is made by hand using natural rubber. Each piece of rubber is individually applied to the aluminium last – it takes over 100 pairs of hands to produce just one pair of our wide calf wellies.

Can we entice you to choose wide calf wellies?

So if you’re ready to feel comfortable and look absolutely splendid, then take a look at our range of ladies’ wide calf wellies.

If you’re not sure which pair to buy or are unsure about sizing, take a look at our handy size guide. And if you still have questions, please do get in touch – we love to help.

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