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Buying wide calf wellies – how to pick the right pair and avoid returns

When you’re buying online, particularly clothing and apparel, it can be tricky to know whether you’ll be happy with your purchase, can’t it? We know that when our customers are buying wide calf wellies, they have questions like will the item be the right size for me, will the colour be as shown online, and what will the quality be like? And what happens should I need to return item?

Fortunately, returns policies are in place should this happen, and there’s no exception here at The Wide Welly Company.

Selecting wonderful women’s wellies

However, we want our customers to be happy with their purchase from the start, and so have put together some tips to help make sure you pick the right pair for you.

Which design?

A screenshot of wide calf wellies

Take a look through our designs – we’ve both patterned and plain coloured to suit all tastes and fit with the trends. When buying wide calf wellies, look at the pictures, scroll through them all so that you have a good look round the design. The description also includes the information you’ll need about how they expand to fit your calves and how we have made them comfortable for you.

What will you be using your ladies wellies for?

ladies wellies in the rain

Standing on the touchline, pottering in the garden and splashing in muddy puddles…obviously! But the more you wear your wellies, the faster they will wear out! So if you use your wellies on a very regular basis, please keep in mind that they will wear out more quickly than those who wear them for occasional use.

What size?

welly size guide

Design selected? Time to pick a size. We all know our shoe size, it’s a given, but when buying wide calf wellies, it is worth checking our size guide. It’s unlikely that you’d wear your wellies without socks on, so when you use the guide, wear the socks that you are likely to wear in your wellies, and possibly the trousers you would wear too. You’ll then be able to take measurements and make sure you select the right size for your feet and calves!

Still need to return?

Once you’ve selected your wellies, we get them sent to you in super speedy fashion. And in most cases, customers think their new wellies are absolutely splendid. But on the rare occasions that wellies aren’t quite right, our returns policy allows you to swap your size or try a different design for free.

We ask that returned wellies are received in a saleable condition and they mustn’t have been worn outside.  If they have been worn outside, then an exchange will not be possible.

If you’ve decided that you just don’t want to keep your wellies and would like a refund, there is a cost for the return of £4.80.

Buying wide calf wellies for style and comfort

We hope that you won’t need to return your wellies and that you enjoy wearing your wellies out and about and feel very comfortable as you do so!

If you do have a query, or want to get in touch, then please click here.


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