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The Wide Welly Company has enabled over 17,000 ladies internationally, to feel utterly fabulous in our eye-catching, comfortable, and very easy to slip on wide calf wellies….whether they’re standing on the touch-line, raving at a festival, feeding their chickens, walking the dog or just jumping in muddy puddles!

Wide Wellies Design

We design our own boots and have them constructed to the specification that our customers have demanded and driven.

Every pair is constructed by hand, with each piece of rubber individually applied to the aluminium last – it takes over 100 pairs of hands to produce just one pair of our wide calf wellies.  It’s humbling to see the workers in action, which we do when we oversee the production of every order.

Wide Leg Wellies Process

This hand-built process means slight variations can occur, so every pair of boots is unique – but that all adds to their character. And as we’re a small company, we only order in small batches, so we can create and add new designs to our range on a frequent basis.

You don’t have to have large calves to wear a pair of our wellies though – just the need to comfortably wear your jeans or trousers tucked in with a pair of thick socks.

Each pair of wellies expands up to approximately 50cm with the addition of a single, adjustable outer gusset.

Our wellies are currently made in China, overseen by us.

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